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Where Can I Get A 91701 Bone Grafting Procedure?

When it comes time to discussing if a dental implant is the most appropriate option to replace your missing tooth, it is important for your dentist to do a comprehensive assessment to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. While many patients will qualify for dental implants, some patients may find that there is insufficient available bone to adequately support the dental implant. At Carnelian Family Dentistry we can help patients faced with this issue to achieve sufficient bone volume by means of a 91701 bone grafting procedure.

91701 Bone Grafting

When a missing tooth goes untreated over a period of time, the underlying bone where the tooth once stood can shrink and resorb. This can result in too little or too narrow available bone to properly accept a dental implant restoration. Without a 91701 bone grafting procedure, the only effective teeth replacement options that are then possible are either fixed bridges or dentures. A 91701 bone grafting procedure allows for adequate bone height and width, making it much more viable to support a dental implant. While grafting procedures are typically performed with bone obtained from outside sources, the needed tissue may also be obtained from the patient’s own bone. The tissue source actually used is determined according to the patient’s individual circumstances and needs. With a graft your dentist can repair bone structure that’s become inadequate due to extractions, gum disease, or traumatic injury.

Don’t know if you’ll be an acceptable candidate for dental implants? Call your dentist at Carnelian Family Dentistry to discuss our 91701 bone grafting procedure. As one of the leading dentists in Alta Loma, we will make every effort to help you to achieve the beautifully restored smile that you want and deserve. Schedule a consultation with Carnelian Family Dentistry today to learn more about dental implants, bone grafting therapy and the many other dental services that we provide.


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