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Dentist in Alta Loma

Alta Loma Dentist

Have you been affected by lost or missing teeth and are looking to reestablish a complete, beautiful and functioning smile? At Carnelian Family Dentistry we provide a range of services to replace teeth and will work with you to develop the most appropriate treatment plan to restore your smile. As your dentist in Alta Loma, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of care.

For many patients, dentures are an excellent way to replace multiple lost or missing teeth. Natural looking replacement teeth firmly affixed to a durable base, dentures can restore both the look and function of your smile. Aside from giving you a pleasing smile that you’ll be confident in showing the world, dentures work to further enhance your appearance by helping to support and reestablish your facial contours. At Carnelian Family Dentistry, your dentist in Alta Loma, we offer different types of dentures depending upon your specific needs. If you have some healthy remaining teeth with good bone support, you may be a candidate for a partial denture. On the other hand, if all of your upper or lower teeth are missing or need to be extracted, a complete denture is the appropriate course of care.

Dentist in Alta Loma

Whatever the type of denture that you receive, it is important to care for them properly to ensure long-lasting results. First, always make sure to clean your dentures every day on a similar schedule as one would follow in any dental homecare regimen. As your dentist in Alta Loma, we’ll recommend the most appropriate methods for cleaning your new dentures. Also, keep in mind that as a new denture wearer there may be a brief period of adjustment to get used to your new dental appliance. However, this will pass relatively quickly and before you know it you will once again be eating and speaking with comfort and confidence.

For more information about dentures or the many services provided by Carnelian Family Dentistry, call today. As your dentist in Alta Loma, we look forward to providing you with outstanding care.


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