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Are you suffering from gum disease and in need of a dentist who offers exemplary periodontal treatment? As your 91701 dentist, Carnelian Family Dentistry, we can treat gum disease from the most mild to advanced cases. Our state-of-the-art practice has earned its reputation for excellence within the Alta Loma community and surrounding neighborhoods by providing consistent, high-quality care.

Gingivitis, which is gum disease in its earliest stage, and its advanced periodontitis are caused by excessive plaque and tartar buildup. This is the result of poorly executed dental hygiene routines and regimens. Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental conditions, yet is nearly entirely preventable with a well maintained oral care regimen through your 91701 dentist.

91701 Dentist

Treatment options for periodontal disease can vary from patient to patient, depending on each individual case. Ideally, the prevention of periodontal disease and halting its advancement can be accomplished with a dedicated, thorough at-home dental hygiene regimen supplemented with regularly scheduled exams and professional teeth cleaning treatments. Without a thorough, complementary dental hygiene routine, tooth decay, gingivitis and eventually, periodontal disease, can advance quickly, sometimes without noticeable symptoms of pain or discomfort until the condition becomes serious. Carnelian Family Dentistry, your 91701 dentist, will discuss your individual treatment plan with you in-depth after a comprehensive smile examination. Patients who are suffering from gum disease in its earliest, gingivitis stage will be recommended to regularly brush and floss, as well as receive professional dental cleanings to reverse the adverse effects. However, if a patient has more severe periodontitis, more extensive therapies, such as scaling and root planing, may be required.

At your 91701 dentist, Carnelian Family Dentistry, patients suffering from gum disease can find unparalleled treatment. Our utilization of the most modern dental techniques and technologies allows us to treat gum disease at every level of its development. For more information on restoring the health of your gums, call Carnelian Family Dentistry today.


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